McKenzie hurt, out of UFC 155 fight vs Leonard Garcia


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Oct 4, 2010
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Per MMAJunkie: ( today learned from sources close to the fighter that a training injury has forced McKenzie (13-3 MMA, 2-3 UFC) to withdraw from a planned bout UFC 155 bout with Leonard Garcia.

Article also says a search for a replacement is underway and they're hopeful to find someone to step in on short notice. With Guillard/Varner already added, chances are I bet they probably just go with 12 fights and scrap Leonard Garcia entirely from the card.
Dang. I actually wanted to see this one lol.
Sucks for Leonard. Cody is about as close to a free win as it gets at FW
Nice find. Maybe they will find a 145 fighter that wants a win.
Well, I hope he gets better. Hope he retires, too. The smoke shop by my place could always use an extra hand. God he's terrible.
So... this is Cody McKenzie's way of staying in the UFC for a longer period of time?
Justin Lawrence, Akira or Maximo Blanco would all be solid replacements.

Loser leaves town fights are always something special :(
let Siver spinning back kick Garcia into a living death
Duke Rufus is campaigning for 12-2 Rick Glenn to get the fight vs Leonard Garcia.
Of course he is, everyone needs to get injured.

This would've been a really fun fight too. :/