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i really liked the summersault--and that slow motion gimp ass judo throw was funny too-- God bless em but that guy could never be my leader
Maybe I miss understood the meaning of a McDojo. I consider Degerberg a McDojo because there are like 1000 items with the name on it and you must wear the Degerberg uniform/clothes to class. Plus there are like 1000 students (probably not underestimated). And when you sign up it's very processed.

It's a great school though. I didn't know it needed to be a bad gym with bad instructors to be a McDojo.

If you want a BAD McDojo school... The first school I went to was called "Chung Moo Quan".
What a joke! I grew up in Chicago so I know a street scam when I see one. This place was a street scam in a suburban strip mall. The students were all about it. They believed EVERYTHING the instructor would say. And believe me it was some MAJOR bullshit. Example, the head instructor could cure illnessses with laying on of hands, he once through a spear which was going to hit somebody and caught it in mid flight and that he could jump off a 6 story buildings with out a scratch.

This place was soooo bad that the heads of the schools were sent to prison for tax evasion and threats of force on people that didn't pay up.

Here are some links, and yes they are out of prison and back to buisness.

Chung Moo Quan-Martial Arts School

Chung Moo Doe and the Law

Chung Moo Doe

And back in biz as Oom Yung Doe or Chung Moo Doe:
School of Oom Yung Doe The Grand Master "Iron" Kim Style

Needless to say that this left a bad taste in my mouth about the martial arts. I knew that most places were definatley not like this but I was suprised to see the extent of the scam.

Is he related to Kool Moe Dee?