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Mayhem Miller t-shirt from FokaiDamashii


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Jan 23, 2004
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Quick delivery from Fokai, the shirt could have possibly been packaged better but it got here fine. It was sent in a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope.

The shirt itself is very nice. It's a heavyweight Jerzees t-shirt. Good quality on the silkscreening.
Which t shirt? the new one? Which one looks better?
Fokai has always been an extremely fast shipper and overall greatly customer-friendly when I've ordered from them in the past. They sent me free stickers and programs/promo sheets/etc.

thedon_1 said:
Which t shirt? the new one? Which one looks better?

I got the old one actually. I'll probably be picking up the new one too.
Yeah the do send to europe, i got the first mayhem t shirt aswell, and they got it to me very quickly, with a reasonable shipping cost. I'm in the UK by the way.
i ordered the B.J penn one a while back, their service and speed of delivery was unreal. I highly recomend ordering from them..