Max Holloway gets the call vs Leonard Garcia

Holloway finishes him with strikes and Garcia gets cut.
Holloway is going to treat him worse than Hominick did, he's a better version of Hominick and Garcia is a worse version of what he was back then.
Its going to be an ass kicking
Garcia by split decision even if he gets finished.
I don't get why people hate on Garcia around here, but looks like their wish for him to get cut is finally about to be realised!
Holloway will probably be around -600 or so betting lol this is a TERRIBLE matchup for Garcia. Should be fun though.
Hell Yea!! Max is awesome, i'm excited!

The Diaz/Pettis mix is back!
I tweeted this to Shelby and Holloway after it was announced McKenzie was out. I take full credit for this matchup. Bow down.
Holloway via not brawling like a bonehead
Well unless leonard lands a haymaker and can straight ko him or manage a tko, walking papers are coming soon