Marquardt vs. Rory


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Oct 21, 2012
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I know Rory says he wont fight GSP, but will he fight Nate Marquardt? I know Nate trains at tristar from time to time. This would be a great fight. I personally think Nate is going to be hard to beat by anyone including GSP at 170.
Interesting I remember Nate saying he would fight GSP at 170
nate would ko that fool...his finish over woodley was fucking amazing
I think if they fought right now nate takes it but I honestly think rory will be an unstoppable force of destruction from 2014 and on
now this is an interesting match up! i really dunno who i would favour. it would be good test to see where each other stand in the WW div
I think this fight would become a stand up battle, with a small advantage for Nate.
that would be a sweet fight, nate vs anyone at ww in ufc is a tough fight i see him beating almost everyone but not gsp
I can honestly say this matchup has never crossed my mind but it's a fight I'd love to see.
very even fight. would give it up to Nate for exp and speed. Rory has a great chance if they were to ever fight.
Nate would dominate, and then finish by tekken combo.
Nate by experience

Really? I'd argue Rory fought better competition at WW and looked fantastic clowning BJ last fight.

He did look fantastic, Rory's the future.

Wasn't a fan of clowning a legend in his last fight. I'm a fan of Respect.