magic man VS hitman!!!



Paulie's hand is fixed and the fight with hatton is on read that im pumped for it. Big fight bringing action back to the Garden!!! has all up to date news for all true fight fans. Starting mma too. Everyone check it out.
Antonio Tarver is the only 'Magic Man' in boxing.
Shoot, I opened this thread thinking it was going to be a fantasy fight or something between Moochie & Hearns, and seeing as it's not, I guess a twit I am.
I if Paulie comes in like he did in the first N'dou fight than he might win.I f he fights like he did last Saturday then Hatton will.
A fight? More like dancing with the stars. There is absolutely no reason why Paulie shouldn't be able to dance to a decision.
elmers called...apparently barbaro wanted his hair back.

No my friend.... unfortunately they USED barbaro ...and it wasn't his hair....