Looking into CoC grippers



I don't know where to start on the CoC ladder of grippers. I haven't really trained my grip. I do wrist curls, and some forearm strengthening lifts at the gym, but no grip work. Which gripper do you think I should start out on? or do you guys know of some way I can test my grip? So that I know where to start on CoC grippers.
Get the trainer and the #1. The #2 if you want to splurge.
Wow I was thinking the Trainer at 100lbs would be hard to do. I'll probably get trainer 1 and 2. Thanks for your input =D
The trainer is pretty easy. Get the #1 and the #2.
I bought the #1. And I am glad I did.

I have to really work to close it. (And most likely will keep working on it for a good while)
I got a set of heavy grippers: 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350. That way I can warm up and work my way up. The whole set costs like $75 so it's not a bad deal.
I bought the one and 2 when I got mine. Then I went back and bought the trainer, it helped me close the 1 alot faster. Moved from that to 1.5, should have that closed shortly.

damn, so I think im going to order Trainer and 1 and 2 if I can't negative the 2 by the time I get to close grip 1 i'll probably get the 1.5, so I can get to 2 faster.

Thanks for all your help guys.
Don't get the #1 and #2. Get the trainer, #1, and possibly the #1.5. When I purchased the #1 and #2 I could deadlift with DOH grip around 265 but could not close the #1 for a while. If you've never trained grip before I imagine the #1 will be hard. The only two people I know who have closed the #1 on their first try was my dad and then this maintenance guy I work with.
I first got the trainer and the #1. I was glad I got these two first and not the #1 and #2. The trainer was definitely a great help on closing the #1. About two weeks ago I got my #2 and #3 and I can now close the #2 with my right, but the 3 seems like a tough one. So I'd say start out as I did.
i went straight into the 1.5 and have that almost closed and i have hands the size of a little girl
I bought the #1 and #2... can't close the last centimeter or so on the #1, but I'm a pussy....
For a beginner with limited grip training I suggest the trainer and the #1 to start. I know many people who have been lifting weights seriously for years that have trouble closing the #1 more than once or twice. It is hard to progress your grip strength starting with something that tests your maximal effort in just one or two reps. Even training in rep ranges in 20,30,40+ is effective to progress onto heavier grippers.
Ordering trainer and #1 today. Hopefully I can close the trainer haha
I started with the #1.5. I was satisfied with my choice, if I had to do it again I'd probably buy the #1 first, though. I wound up having to blow $ on a trainer after I had already progressed to the #2 on account of knuckle pain I had toward the end of the summer. Had I bought the #1 outright I probably would have had a harder time progressing to the #2, but wouldn't of had to buy a trainer just to keep my grip up.

I haven't used grippers in several months, though. Deadlifting and pull-ups has been all the grip training I've needed to not only maintain, but improve my grip strength.