Long distance or sprints for football?



Hey I just got back from playing football with my friends. I am definetly the fastest runner there and for the first like 5 plays i can sprint really far and catch touchdown passes. But I get tired really fast and am just out of breath and winded way before anyone else. To improve this should I do say 10 40 yard sprints a day or every other day or should i run say 2 miles a day. What would be better?
sprints with rest periods. more sports specific compared to long distance without any rest
You should end your cardio workouts with the windsprints.
Do sprints with breaks in between.

10 40 yard sprints (20 seconds of rest in between each)
10 20 yard sprints (15 seconds of rest in between)
4 100 yards sprints (30 seconds of rest in between)

you could also run up a hill or stairs.

Do this and you should see improvements. I can't really comment on long distance because we didn't really do it in football, but we did a lot of sprints and high intensity things (hills, bleachers, ropes, etc.) and
A couple things you could try if your not doing them already is one, sprint will dragging a tire about 20 feet behind you. The other drill you could try is have someone around your size, grab onto the back of your jersey, hold on while remain upright, and you sprint a certain distance. Both will help with your take off speed and overall leg strength
Sprints, Circuit training with Olympic Lifts. Never long distance.
Sprint! Run like the wind, run bleachers, run hills, ladders, explosive training with a parachute, use the elastic bands between partners, cone drills, go nuts!
to get your endurance up do 3 miles instead of 2
In any running sport sprint training and long distance for cardio is needed.
I am not American so ia m not 100% knowlegable on NFL football but from what i gather your a receiver that needs to sprint and catch the ball that the 1/4 back throws...therefore u need speed.

Bear in mind there are two systems for energy

Aerobic uses carbs or fat and oxygen to create 38? ATP....... This system is super efficient but take time to kick in and dictates endurance.


The Anaerobic system is proken down into 2 systems:

The first is the CP system (cretine phosphate) which 100m sprinters and long jump athletes, high jump etc etc use. It only last approx 8 to 15 seconds. The body uses this system for pure power

The second Anaerobic system is the Lactic acid system that uses no oxygen to create 4?ATP. A by product is lactic acid build up in your muscles that fatigues your mucsles and gives u that burning sensation. Also prolonged use of this sytem creates a Oxygen debt which puffs u out.

Ok on to training

U need to do alot of sprint training b/c this is your primary action in your sport.

do things like....

10 x 40 meters sprints
10 x 60 meters sprints
5 x 100 meter sprints
2 x 400 (its longer then u will ever sprint in a game but will help your anarobic tolerance)
(walk back between each one wait about 10 secs and go again between spirnt)

Shuttle runs ( that is cone 1 back cone 2 back cone3 back cone 4 back)

U also need to do long distance. Any one that tells u dont is WRONG. Run about 4 Km twice a week ( 2.5 miles).
Long distance running will improve your cardio doing just sprints will give u ANAROBIC power u also need Aerobic power.

After doing a strong sprint your body will have an Oxygen Debt. The stronger cardio u have the better and faster u can recover in between your sprints.
Also its a fact improved cardio due to endurance training strenghtens the heart allowing it to pump with more power as well as enlarging the heart Increasing the Stroke Volume (how much blood is pumped per beat)

After repeated bursts of sprints U will have huge oxygen debt. A stronger heart will deliver oxygenated blood to the need mucsles faster and more efficiently thus improving your recovery time between sprints allowing u to sprint at top speed again after a shorter period of recovery time.
I always did sprints. Long distance never helped much when a play only lasts about 5-10 seconds.