Lombard Calls Out Bisping

i bet 500 vcash bisping will put on a midget comment on twitter whos in?
i dont know if bisping will want to get ko'd 2 fights in a row
That'd be cool. Get knocked out by Belfort then Lombard and put those title shot talks to rest for good.
Doesn't Bisping already have a fight lined up? Call out a fighter where you actually have a chance of it happening.
Also interstingly enough...a lot of people dislike Bisping but most people believe Lombard to be a real ass as well. So who would be the heel in that fight?
bisping wud be scared as hell of lombard, no way he picks a fight against a striker. he scurred
I don't like Bisping but I am also not biased. He has a great style to frustrate Lombard. I also think if he beats Vitor he will definitely be able to beat Hector.