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Khabib: future UFC champion.

i kinda do, benson is a tough match up for anyone
Sambo is a badass martial art
fuck me, the hypetrain fans are out in force tonight
Well, this didn't take very long, did it?
well he has potential..
He could be a contender
Might have the most technical standup in the division
if being UFC Champion was easy it would be called UFC debut

(I know it's not his UFC debut but this is a play on his shirt "If Sambo was easy, it would be called jiu jitsu". Give the guys some time!)
Wow..... just like that I'm annoyed with the Khabib overzealous fanboys.

I'm personally very upset with Khabib because now I am stuck watching these insufferable commercials for... what about 15 minutes now?
Whoaaa, calm down there TS. Let's see him against a top 10 guy first.
Not sure about future champion, I'm just going to enjoy watching him regardless

They were some wicked fucking elbows though!!:cool:
Source: UFC on FX 7 live results and fight gif's

What was Big Dan thinking? That was brutal stuff. Almost as bad as Mir vs Carwin stoppage wow