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Media Kelvin just launched a new food series

ha ha ha I've had sky high potential as an MMA athlete but I'm too mentally weak to overcome my eating vice/hire a proper nutritionist so I might aswell just double down on it to pretend I'm not affected by it ha ha ha

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I mean, one of his worst performances came after he finally got his weight in check and went back to 170, at least at 185 he was in contention.
Good for him, the food looks yummy. Eating is way better than fighting anyways.

Unless you are crazy talented like me, I can eat while fighting on UFC Undisputed 3, but its rare to be able to do the 2 things at the same time unfortunately
Gonna wind up fighting for that HW strap in BKFC.

He has a pretty perfect skill set for it.
Great hands.
Mexican Granite chin.
HW appetite.
Sure wouldn't mind some good tacos, hard to find really great ones in the US. I'm from California and we got good burritos but not so much on the taco front. We got better burritos than Mexico (Mission style) cause CA used to be part of Mexico, but the tacos are not on par
I clicked on this thread thinking “what is he gonna call it, ‘’Missing weight with Kelvin Gastelum’?”

Sure enough