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Media Kelvin just launched a new food series

7th and Roosevelt huh

My girl lives on Roosevelt I gotta come get out that place
He’s the butter bean of 185
I laughed, because that is a bit much lol.

I'm seeing Kelvin with the possibility of a very bright future,

full of calories.​
I hope Kelvin does well in whatever he chooses, but I for one don’t think I can watch another show where it’s a normal dude awkwardly eating then saying stuff like ‘tender, juicy, you gotta check this place out!’
He's more articulate than I thought
Waste of talent
- great hands, fast hands
- amazing chin (and good recovery also)
- good on the ground
- knows how to box
- actually, good cardio
- the fact that he hurt Israel pretty bad, even though height and reach were inferior
But fighting at MW with the height of a FW/LW because food is too tasty

On the other side, life is short, enjoy it by eating
Paddy taking everything Kelvin has worked for.