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Kelso Shrug Variations

Keith Wassung

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Feb 5, 2006
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Shrug Variations
by Paul Kelso

January 1986

Wide grip shrugs also may be practiced on the cable crossover machine set on low pulley. This supplies negative resistance. Unfortunately, these machines differ widely in cable length and amount of weight available.

The Lat Flair: Inexperienced bodybuilders often have trouble developing the extreme flair or outspread needed for a lat pose. Muscle control is involved and the complaint is that the scapula won

Programs: My guess is that most of the lifters reading this article are not doing 15 to 25 sets per body part like the great champions. Advanced men will be able to work these shrugs into their routines using their own experience. But for the more average person training 2 to 4 days per week using far fewer sets per bodypart, let me make a few suggestions:

Lats: 1.) Bent over rows, seated pulls or overhead pulldowns. 2.) Lat shrug
The Bench Press

Thirty years ago, the common questions among weight men were
This sounds good. About once every six weeks or so I tweak my neck / traps while doing OHP, so hopefully adding in kelso shrugs (or any shrug) will help prevent it.

Are shrugs necessary occasionally in place of heavy rack pulls?
Very interesting stuff indeed! Thanks