Just made myself a sandbag


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May 12, 2005
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So I'm pretty happy about it, just thought I would share. I've been wanting to make one for ages as I've seen more and more people supporting it's uses. I don't know why I never did it before, I guess I thought I would need a lot of room or it would be messy or something.

Anyway, I went down to the home depot where they sold sand in sealed plastic bags. I grabbed a few of these and some canvas and basically just put the smaller sandbags in the canvas, wrapped up the canvas into a nice little bundle and then tapped the entire thing up with high strength cloth tape.

It looks butt ugly, not as neat as the duffle bag versions and I can't change the weight of it without pulling it apart, but for only $25 to make (canvas, sand, tape) I'm pretty happy. It's not that big either, so if I was back in a one bedroom apartment or in my uni student room, I could slide it under the bed easy. Now I wished I had made it years ago!!

I wasn't sure how heavy to make it. After some general experimenting I went with about 140lbs (just over 60kg) which is still a monster (for me). It's really tough and I can see why people rate it so highly. It's also an great change from the barbells.

Anyway, I'm chuffed and I'd highly recommend to others to put one together - it's probably easier and cheaper than you think.
No offense, but you can easily change the weight on a normal type sandbag by untaping the opening, putting a smaller bag of sand or a plate in, and retaping it.
I love my sandbag.

140lbs? Man mine's only about 40 I think.

Should I increase?

Tell me of the workouts you are doing with your bag joe....or anyone...carnal?
Im also in the process of making a sandbag, going to fix it in the weekend...

Going to make a 40kg and a big ass 100kg bruiser.
The 100kg are going to stand around looking evil until im strong enough to do shit with it..
I also recently made a sandbag, while i was at it i made a 55lb flat one that i throw in a rucksack and go on 3 mile "power hikes" with. I've been doing this for almost 1 month now and my neck, shoulders and lower back are noticeably stronger.
If you are planning on doing that "shouldering the sandbag" workout on the Ross video someone posted, be careful, it looks like it could strain your back and you could potentially injure your back.
Brand Nizzle said:
If you are planning on doing that "shouldering the sandbag" workout on the Ross video someone posted, be careful, it looks like it could strain your back and you could potentially injure your back.

Just don
Valetudo guy im curious, how heavy normal bag did you do and what do you do with it?
I actually emptied out an old heavy bag (which took a while) and put sand bags in it. I had it up to 160 which felt extremely heavy. The bag was canvas and when you gripped it and tried to pick it up it would cut yoru knuckles, I loved it!! One day after cleaning and pressing it I dropped it and the side of the canvas ripped open. That was the end of it. Moral of the story, Make sure you tape the shit out of your sandbags so you dont end up cleaning up mounds of sand.
I've went thru a few busted duffle bags...

luckily they were given to me by an EAS rep so I wasn't that pissed.
Yeah, I plan on taping the next one just for a little extra reinforcement. The only thing that pissed me off was the amount of time it took me to empty out the old heavybag and then the amount of sand there was to clean up. Oh well. Lesson learned.

Chad, to answer your earlier question. I did alot of clean and press with the sandbag, working my stabalizers and core hard, not to mention my grip. I did some sandbag shouldering and i would simply bear hug the bag and walk around for distance. then I would pinch grip the canvas and hold the deadweight like a deadlift and walk for distances.. I loved it and it definatly worked out more specific muscles and had tremendous carryover for wrestling.
Chad, a question a little off subject. What weight class do you fight in? also what are your main disciplines and when is your next competition? What kind of shows do you compete in and what is your record? Thanks in advance.

Muay Thai and beat your face (my own personal brand)

Haven't got in a show yet, hopefully before the end of the year. Just moved so it's tough to train but I'm thinking of joining SiamStar with Tomer Litvin.

Full MMA and record is 3-1.
Yeah the tape was to give it support and strength other than just holding it together.

The 140lbs is pretty damn tough and I see myself staying with that (and not having to upgrade to a heavier one) for a while. I've read stories of guys lifting 200lb+ overhead, which I now appreciate as an awesome feat of strength.

Chad I bear hug it off the ground and stand up with it, holding it at about waist height. I then try and wrestle it up to shoulder height. I'll aim to overhead press it.... but err.. that ain't happening right now. I then rotate from side to side holding it on my chest, lift it onto one shoulder and do some squats and then try and carry it around the house a few times (not doing all that in one go by the way). The carries really work my arms with that kind of static holding strength.

One of the BJJ guys last night suggested I also do lie on my back with the bag on my torso and bridge with it. Sounds like a neat idea.
Wow Chad, thats pretty cool, When is your next competiton and do you have any realistic shots at going pro? (No offense intended)
What I did when I was sandbag training:
Lots of carries, bearhugging it, shouldering it, wearing it like a backpack, or firemans carry style for trips around my house.
Shouldering it from the ground (any sandbag shouldering, for reps or for carries is awesome oblique work)
Loading it onto a platform from the ground (like stone loading)

I used a fairly heavy sandbag, but light enough that I could keep up moving the fucker for long enough for it to work as conditioning as much as strength training.

All this talk of odd objects lately has sparked a desire in me to build a couple sandbags and start training with them again, I quit doing it a long time ago. I live in the ghetto now, so I'll get some strange looks and questions at the very least, but oh well. Maybe nobody will want to deal with the giant crazy looking crackah who's sweating like a whore in church with the big heavy ass canvas bag on his shoulder
rickdog said:
Wow Chad, thats pretty cool, When is your next competiton and do you have any realistic shots at going pro? (No offense intended)

None taken.

Don't have a set date for next competition. I guess I'll wait until I get settled into my new gym before I start lookng around for an event.

But I'd love to before the years up, thats my goal.

As for going pro...haven't realistically looked that far ahead.
Gotta feed myself first.

By the way...I live in Dallas and my fucking gas was syphoned from my tank and I just filled it.

70 bucks to fill up my gas guzzling, enviro killing, f-150 and some fuck pulled every drop out of it. And the car next to me.