Jump Rope vs. Distance Running


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Oct 13, 2005
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All through high school football, now my bjj classes and countless mens health mags ive been told that running is great (duh), but jumping rope is way more effective. Example, ive been told that jumping rope for 5 mins = jogging 25-30mins. Anyone heard this. I am biased because i hate running, way too boring. But have actually found that several minutes of jumping rope isgetting my heart rate up quick and gives me that burning feeling in my chest, which is good. Thoughts?
I remember someone reckoning that before. I think he was shot out of the water over it.

Is it a pain in your chest ala lungs burning, or as in your shoulders are on fire, which wouldn't obviously get worked if you ran
I hate running aswell. Incredibly boring. When I was younger, I loved to run. Anywhere I went, I ran. Even if I went to a friends place like 100 yards away. People asked me why I ran everywhere, I told them, because I'll get there faster if I run, so why not?

Now I hate running. I can do anything cardio wise but running. Rope skipping, riding the bike, fighting, anything but going out running. If it's playing soccer, basketball, baseball then running is fun. But running just to run blows. You don't have to RUN to improve your cardio. My cardio is great, and if I want to I can run like "forever". I've always had good cardio though. Always loved doing sports and stuff. I don't know about your past or current cardio and if you want to exercise to get better cardio or to lose weight or whatevs. But don't force yourself to run if you hate it.
They said that 10 minutes skipping is equivalent to 30 minutes jogging
Whoever said 5 mins jump rope = 25-30 mins jogging is pretty clueless. The fact is 5 min jump rope = 5 min jump rope. Generalizations about relative calorie expenditures, heart rate profiles, sport-specific transfer, etc. are oversimplifications that don't have much value in the real world since it is highly individualistic and there are too many other variables. You could say that skipping for 5 minutes at 90% MHR is roughly equivalent to running for 5 mins at 90% MHR, but they are still different in terms muscles used, coordination, specific conditioning, etc. I think you'll find that most people here cross-train in running, elliptical, swimming, cycling, skipping, burpees, circuits, etc. for general conditioning. And yeah, skipping is a great way to get the heart rate up.
I think that when ppl say 5min jumprope = 30min running, its because when folks "run" (or jog actually) it takes a while to get their heart rate up...especially if they've been running for a while (the more you run, the easier it gets b/c your body adapts to make running more efficient)...while jumping rope gets the heart moving faster sooner...

...when I go running, I take my dog (6mo Doberman) so once my dog gets going, I am forced to actually run, not jog at an easy pace...1.5-2 miles later, I'm gassed, and it seems to be more beneficial than jogging for that same distance...

Interval sprints are prob. the best way to run, but hey, why not jump rope too?
Jump roping and running are too different to be compared in such a direct way in my opinion. Anyway what kind of running? Sprinting? Long distance? How long? Slope?
combine jumpin robe , running distance and sprints . best way to do it iv found.
Abraham said:
You sound like you were Forrest Gump as a kid dude.

Damn, I never thought about it that way before. I WAS Forrest Gump when I was a kid.
Without those retarded braces. But still. ;)
"From that moment on, everywhere I went, I... was... running"

my big toe said:
Whoever said 5 mins jump rope = 25-30 mins jogging is pretty clueless.

Not saying you are wrong by any stretch, because it never made sense to me, but I know one of the major sources for this, is Bruce Lee's Fighting Method Volume 1, Basic Training. I think when people like that say it, others believe that it must be the case.
Yeah, I know the point that he was trying to make, that if you were going to do one or the other it's better to train at the higher-end of the intensity curve. And for the most part, I agree with that. But, general statements comparing two different exercises at different intensities are about as useful as the 'calories burned' reading on the Lifecycle at the gym. Also, has been pointed out here more than a few times, a lot has changed since Bruce Lee died 30+ years ago...
Toe is right.

First even exposure will make the Rope harder than running but then it will not be (for a myriad of technical reasons).

Looking for the pancea is a stupid endeavor---there is none.
just do it all. rope, swim, burpees, sprints, distance, interval sparring.......everything.
sprinting with improve anaerobic conditioning and maybe explosiveness. jumpin rope will improve footwork capacity and timing . long distance jogging will improve your aerobic capacity (which will decrease recovery times and improve anaerobic conditioning) . you need to maintain 140-170 beats per minute for at least 10 minutes before your aerobic system will improve , so jogging and skippin rope are definitely not the same.
Somehow bruce lee managed to say this ONCE and it was accepted as gospel. no, jumping rope for 10 minutes is not like running for 30, and jumping rope for 30 minutes is not like running for 90. That's not the way it works. Jumping rope is like jumping rope, running is like running. Jumping rope is hard cause you suck at it. That's all.

It's also my opinion that jumping rope is superior conditioning for most people's needs. the exception may be people who don't compete on their feet and people who want to compete in long distance races.

I am so excited by this topic that I have actually put some FAQ's in this forum's FAQ thread. I will continue to update it when I have time (as it is currently incomplete).
I dont understand how the hell that little of time could be equal to 30 min of running.