Jogging with Dumbells??


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Nov 21, 2005
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I have a question about this. Does it help your overall conditioning by just making you "heavier", or does it also help condition your arms by you having to run with them??
Well, depending on the weight it could be pretty rough on your joints.

If your looking to add weight, invest in a weighted vest; might be a little easier then holding dumbells.
No, dont bother, run sprints instead
if you wanna load up your runs, grab a sandbag. even better, sprint that shit up a hill.
nah, its not so much to improve my runs (they still need ALOT of work), I was just wondering if I might me missing out on arm conditioning.
Farmer's walk is good for the arms. As for jogging I've got to agree with Colby18: I also think that due to the extra impact it could be detrimental to your joints.
The weighted vest could be really bad on your knees and ankles, too. I'll agree with the sprints to increase overall conditioning. Interval training is the way to go, i.e sprint intervals, maybe similar to guerrilla cardio? As far as conditioning for your arms, what about rowing? Or, check out Kabuki's heavy bag routine in the standup stickies.
I don't know if this is a stupid suggestion....but skip sprint with a 16oz rope

Thats not the level of simplicity we're talking here is it?
i'd get good at running before i tried to do it with weights. if you think running with dumbells is a good way to train your arms for fighting or bodybuilding than this situation is hopeless anyways