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Joe Lauzon's future

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Jul 20, 2011
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Joe put on on an awesome fight with Miller last night but in all honesty, despite putting on on of the year's best fights, he still lost to Miller who himself isn't among the top 5 of the division. Do you think Joe Lauzon will ever break into the top ten or earn a title shot? Could he ever be champion?

Honestly, I have faith in him. Despite being well rounded and a great finisher I think he's still somewhat unpolished, especially in the stand up. If he continues to improve in all areas I can see him becoming a contender in a few years. I think right now Joe is in a similar position that Nate Diaz was a few years back. Well rounded enough to beat middle of the pack fighters and will give the top guys some problems but not polished enough to win. Like Diaz, I think he'll eventually put it all together.

What do you guys think?
while hes an exciting fighter, he almost always loses to top tier competition
Yea I think Joe can someday have the belt. He will always have a spot on the UFC roster, he is the kind of guy that makes good fights...
He's a top entertainer, but needs to improve his stand up. His bjj is beautiful. Loved the sweep and the flying sub attempt in the end. I'd like to see him fight the cowboy next. He will have to make some adjustments if he ever wanna get a title shot.

Miller looked awesome last night. He should fight Varner next I think.

That is one hell of a division. Those 2 guys would be ranked higher in any other weight class.
Lw is the toughest most stacked division, Jim Miller is definitely ranked way up there and Lauzon will always have a job from an entertainment standpoint. I think hes hovering around top 10 and if he never makes top 5 in his career hes still a hell of a fighter

I'll watch any Lauzon fight over GSP, Cruz, Bendo fight anyday
He's the modern day Sakuraba, win or lose who cares he's fan friendly a cool guy and awesome to watch
Lauzon vs Nate is too soon imo. Lauzon vs Mark Bocek please!!
Lauzon all day
As a Lauzon fan I don't care if he ever breaks the top 5 or 10. As long as he always leaves it all in the cage, I will always be a fan.
He is what he is and he is a super exciting, finisher. However he will never win a title or fight for one. He will dominate lower competition but will lose to higher ranked guys, in usually exciting fights.
Lauzon? Not even close. This is LW we're talking about - Joe Lauzon should be grateful if anyone ranks him among the top 20.

Are we talking about in the world or in the UFC??

Entering the fight he was #9 ufc LW and I would actually put him higher, but yeah if you are including guys like Chandler, Alvarez, Melendez, Healy, Hawn, or guys like Edgar, Guida who are 145 now he further down

I think Lauzon could definitely beat guys like Grant, Wiman, Thomson, Tibau, Masvidal, Bocek, Yves Edwards, Aoki

So hes top 20 in the world, top 10 in the UFC IMO and thats very respectable
He's not top-ten?

Not according to sherdog. However I struggle to find 10 fighters I think are better than him atm. But either way rankings in LW are crazy... fighters 2-9 are pretty much interchangable from fight to fight. Its such a stacked division. Will be interesting when Gil comes over.
Love J-Lau one of my favorites, always brings it, but in order for him to ever win a title he'd have to start fighting more carefully and that just ain't his style.

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