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Aug 19, 2010
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how many times do you reckon Joe Rogan has said, "thats it!" or "thats the wrap (rap?!) son" or "its a matter of time now" or something similar, when it really isn't. Ive notice he tends to say it when he is singing a BJJ guys praises and then that guy gets someones back or something, but he has done it for ko's aswell. He jumps the gun, rarely but consistently. Not a fan of his BJJ orgasms we have to witness! I think he jumped the gun for kongo vs Barry but ill happily give him that one.

Any examples you can think of?

i also hate when he is explaining a complex BJJ move 97% of people cant follow, and even if the fighters move position he will carry on explaining it as if he is on 10 second tape delay. "what he needs to do is he needs to scoot his arm.... oh he lost it" yes he did, 10 seconds ago.

dunno where that came from i like him really!
No one is perfect. He gets excited like the rest of us.
Although I consistently laugh at Joe and his misanalysis of the action, he's unintentionally hilarious, and his facial contortions in fast rewind are second to none.

I'll take his conversation all day over "Goodnoight Oi'rene!!!"
It's similar to Sherdoggers proclaiming fighter X is the next big thing, or massive underdog will smash favorite. Many people feel the need to predict what will happen next. Kinda why an expert/practitioner whatever you call Rogaine is there, to give info on what may happen in a given situation. Also.
Send in your resume.
No one is perfect. He gets excited like the rest of us.


i'd rather him say he thinks it's over and be wrong, then not say anything and say it too late.

it adds to the excitment.
if you ever watch MMA with people who do not know much about the sport. Joe is a great announcer. for us fans who obsess over every detail and press release he gets a bit tiresome.
He rarely does it. I think he's an excellent commentator. And I don't care if some people don't get what he's explaining, I enjoy it and have learned a lot about BJJ from his commentating.
i don't like rogan. as a caster, as a comedian or as a person
but hes good for casual fans or new fans who don't know what the hell is going on.
Rogan is the best commentator in all of sports. Period. Goldberg is garbage.
i bet you cant name more then 20 fights he has done this....the guy has commentated almost a thousand fights, maybe more.....

Worst thread ever. shertard
"Rarely but consistently"

Yes everyone makes bad calls every now and again.....
Rogan is a good commentator who happens to have a passion for the sport sitting in one of the best seats in the house for every friggin' fight. I can't fault the guy for his passion. I'd rather hear Rogan say, "That's a wrap.... Oh... how is he standing!!!" than a cold fart calmly stating, "A few more shots to the face he may be in trouble."

My favorites though.... "If the Seahawks want to win the game they'll have to score more points than the Broncos.." or "Patriots are going to have to play some defense to win this game..." or other "no shit" statements.