Jacare was part of Gracie Barra?

till brown belt, but I don't think it was the same Gracie Barra that Roger was in.. From what I heard, it was a Gracie Barra academy but not the main academy, another part of brazil.. He then moved to master, then Brasa.. Brasa team is a bunch of guys from master.. I don't think there's master anymore.. the top guys of master are in Brasa and a few are in TT.. This is all I know.. if anyone's got info and clarification of what I said, feel free to correct me..
The Brasa guys are basically Jacare Cavalcanti's students, no? Could also be that Ronaldo Jacare wore the patch of Carlihos since he's fighting in the Mundials, and Carlinhos is the president of CBJJF.
Yeah I saw a few clips of him wearing the Barra patch before. Thanks for the info.