ivan salaverry new school seattle?


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Feb 27, 2003
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Curious, when/where is he opening his new school, i heard him mention it on his post fight interview on his main page.

I trained with him at amc before and he's the real deal and good guy, would'nt mind trainning with him again, i would still go amc but its to far away.

Btw is he not with amc anymore?!?!?
Im not sure, I saw him with matt on ultimate fight night, so I dont know. Also, you trained with Salaverry? Is it true he blacks out during sparring (not rolling) and cant control his strikes? Thats how he broke Brad's arm. Brad=one of the grappling instructors.
I have grappled with Ivan a number of times, as well as watched him sparring and have never seen any blackout issues.

Egg Nog - can you PM me with what happened to Brad?
I've never seen him black out, although I've only seen him work stand up with Maurice, Sakurai and KJ, but he never did anything out of control, and it didnt look like he was hitting that hard at all. Sakurai looks more crazy in sparring than Salaverry. Even when I worked takedowns with him he was very calm and never did anything that could really hurt me (besides slam me down, but hey, it was fun).

He trained most of the time at AMC for his UFC 52 fight, but I know he frequently trains at RAW and Vision Quest and that school in Bellevue, Ring Sports or something. I'm almost positive he is still with AMC, hes just been doing a lot of cross training w/ Tito and stuff. I might call Brad to ask him about it.

Vovchanchyn Fan, I heard it was a high kick Ivan threw that broke Brads arm because he improperly blocked it, according to the guy who often teaches kickboxing on thursdays (his name escapes me).
Thanks for the info, that sucks to hear about Brad....Brad is a great guy who helped me a lot with grappling over the years. Sounds like he didn't X-Block the kick. I will email him.
Thursdays? You must mean Gabe, big dark skinned guy. nice guy, I love his agressive style, great for training. MacaFrama, whats your name? I might have met you if you go in on thursdays.
Any idea, about what he ment about opening his own school?
Where do you go to college, Judo-kid?

All it says on his website is Summer 2006. Can't be too far off.