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Is this a good bench cycle?


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May 31, 2007
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I've recently started a "Soviet Squat Cycle" for my bench. I'm desperate to get my bench from pathetic 1.2-1.3xBW to at least 1.5xBW asap. The cycle is here TESTOSTERONE NATION

Do you think it's a solid program for improving bench or would you recommend something more effective. In the 1st week doing 80% 6x2 I'm feeling very fresh and underworked.
About 2 years with several breaks. 80% of time was stupid bodybuilding training.
Well my advice is to try it and see if it works, and if not, find something else.
A logical analysis:

If you're not training w/a weight u can only do for a given amount of reps then you better be training for speed/explosiveness b/c ur not going to be making gains.

Unless, your goal is to simply work on form endlessly

Otherwise, there is no definite way for us to determine if a bench "cycle" given percentages will do anything for you specifically, u gotta feel out ur own body and work from there.

Thus, if u give us ur current lift stats, body weight, height, we'd be able to determine what type of routine would most benefit You.

In the past I tried working up to my max set of 3, then several sets of singles. I'm not sure if I felt any improvement doing that, so I decided to try some definite routine.

My current stats : 65kg bw@5"8'
Bench - 75kg
Squat - 90 kg
Deadlift - 110 kg
OHP - about 45 kg

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