Is Pork okay?

Tucker Smith

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Feb 22, 2007
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I ask this because I know its not a part of the gracie diet.(I used to follow the gracie diet a few years back)

Well this morning for breakfast I had 1/2 cup of oatmeal with raisins and honey, and 2 scrampled eggs with chopped porkroast.

during my workout (about 2-3 hours after breakfast) while i was doing situps I noticed my stomach kindof 'gurgling' every time i sat up, my stomach was still full... so I was wondering if maybe pork slows down your rate of digestion or what the deal is with it.

anyone care to elaborate?

I don't even know where to begin.
Nobody will answer your question, since pork is forbidden by the Koran. You're a sinner, and you'll burn in hell.
You should see a doctor rather than ask unknown people online when you violate the Gracie diet.
If you eat will have worms grow in your stomach and then you will die a horrible death. Especially if you drink it down with soda!
Meat takes longer to digest than "simpler foods",as long as you give yourself a little extra time to digest before physical activity it's fine
Meat takes longer to digest than "simpler foods",as long as you give yourself a little extra time to digest before physical activity it's fine

I know this, but im wondering if pork takes longer than other meats...
No it's not okay. Pork will give you AIDS.
thanks for the input.

Translation: Answer my question for me servant, for I am too lazy to google this and figure it out myself.

Also, I'm typically not a fan of pork, but it can be good (especially with sauerkraut).
The problem with pork is that there are rational reasons for it being banned in a lot of cultures and religions, such as Islam, Judaism and GracieJiu-Jitsu.

You can get a lot of diseases from that kind of meat. In fact, pork are very dirty animals and their flesh is sometimes infected.

You need to eat it when it's really fresh. Don't buy it when it's on special offer at your local supermaket. It doesn't last for a long time, even in the fridge.

Have you ever tasted real fresh meat, from an animal that has been killed very recently, at the farm? It's really different, those who have tried will confirm. This is the way we should eat pork.

Here is the best way:

I can also think of another recipe, but it's an ancient secret and it's so unusual that it would probably get me banned, even in the OT. If people insist, I will sacrifice my account and post it.
There are reports and other literature out there that stresses the dangers of eating it, just mkae sure you cook it enough.

Heres a blurb about pork from a nutrionist, when I had questions of my own regarding it a while back:

The truth is, I'm not sure how much truth there is to the parasite in pork issue. I will say that when I was in school for holistic nutrition all my teachers unanimously agreed that we should stay away from pork; even organic. I was never given what I consider to be a good explanation for that, however.
The disease you're referring to is Trichinosis, caused by the Trichinella spiralis bacteria. Wikipedia has good information on it, if you're interested. My understanding is that Trichinosis is relatively rare in the western world these days as pigs are not fed garbage and waste products as they used to be, and most people cook their pork until it's well-done, killing any potentially harmful bacteria. How true this is, I can't say (it could be information put out there by the pork industry to prevent adverse affects to it's sales. On the other hand, it could be legit).
The curing of meats started as a practice to preserve them before the advent of refrigeration. I don't know about the removing of poisons, but this may be the case. Many preservation methods actually add to the nutrient value of foods and in some cases make harmful foods edible, so this is entirely possible.
I'm sorry I can't give you more definitive answers on this issue. The fact is that there is a lot of debate over these subjects and it's hard to know which information to trust. I think that keeping a healthy skepticism, but at the same time being cautious is the best advice. If your religion forbids the consumption of pork (and a lot of them do), it's certainly not going to hurt you to comply.

Hope this helps.