Is Django a Boondocks "Catcher Freeman" rip-off?

Ace of Spade

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Apr 24, 2009
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Here's uncle Ruckus from Boondocks next to Samuel Jackson's character from Django.... hhhmmmmm.

I don't remember that character.

Why is that entire episode flipped?
Definitely has a lot of allusions to it, i think they're intentional.

Tarentino does his inspirations justice.
Isn't everything Tarantino does a rip-of,err, I mean tribute.

He's actually one of the few prolific directors who hasnt taken a book, prior film or stageplay and made it into a film.

Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppolla, Elia Kazan, Peter Jackson, Billy Wilder, Orson Welles, etc., etc.

So are they more original than Quentin because they expressively take other people's work?
Fuckin' Rum Punch, i always forget it.

He changed the plot almost entirely though, right?
No, he just changed her from white to black. And her name from Jackie Burke to Jackie Brown. Other than that everything's the same. Had to cut a lot of stuff out of the book, but that's par for the course.
*white to brown

And then it's completely different, because i say so!
Would have been nice to see Ruckus in Django.
A black man takes revenge on awhite slave owner? No, that's never been done before :rolleyes: