IMHO Carlos Condit has a better guard for MMA than Nick Diaz.

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Jun 6, 2010
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I fully expect to get flamed and called retarded but this is my opinion also 1,2,5. Anyways I think Condit has shown a much better guard in MMA* then Diaz Condit swept Kampmann, Ellenberger, Stun Gun, and most recently GSP. Now in pure grappling Diaz has a huge advantage but in MMA he's always had trouble with wrestlers. Every time Condit is on his back he beats his opponents up from the bottom. The thing that surprised me most was how he was able to keep GSP in his guard so well. I'm really looking forward to Diaz Vs. GSP I think Hendricks deserves it more but as a fight I've wanted the Diaz fight for a while. Diaz is going to give GSP one hell of a fight.
Since when did he sweep gsp?
because this is not a sweep

Honestly, I've always felt that Diaz's jiu jitsu, as a whole, was a bit overrated.

I mean, it's good, but people make it sound like his ground game was sent from heaven.
i would not disagree
I have to respectfully disagree TS. Condit may (arguably) have better sweeps, but Diaz's guard is more dangerous for subs
Condit has some pretty nasty elbows off of his back too.
To say you're more likely to get submitted from Condit's guard over Diaz's is indeed false.
"better" in what sense. In being able to get back up to your feet/reverse or being able to submit?
i disagree. nick has a better ground game overall.
I respectfully disagree.

Diaz's guard defense was good enough to stop Bj passing to side control, the same Bj who sliced through Fitch's guard like a hot knife through butter (twice).