I'm front squatin again!


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May 4, 2007
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I just got my copy of Men's Health "Power Training" written by 2006 NSCA collegiate strength coach Robert Dos Remedios today and not five minutes into reading it I found the instructional on the front squat. Remedios showed two alternate hand positions for people with bad wrists and elbows. Now since I literally cannot bend my right arm enough to even hold the bar I tired the lifting strap method. You just put a strap on the bar where it contacts the delts and hold the straps (one for each hand) with your hands instead of the bar. Elbow position etc is the same as the snatch grip. Works fuk'in awesome. I'm so excited.

I'm going to do a review of the book soon but I can say with confindence this may be the best power training for sports book I've ever read and I've read a lot of stuff the past year and half trying to find a new way to keep on keeping on.
That's awesome I just started doing front squats as well, I like them a lot but I still do the regular grip for them
Yeah, I really dont like the arms-crossed bodybuilder grip for front squats.
im having a hard time picturing this

is it like

Sorry for the thread hijack, but I have a front squat related question. Is there a real difference between zercher squats and front squats? I can't for the life of me hold onto the bar during front squats. Are zercher squats an exercise that would yield similar results? I wanted to work one of the two into my routine. Thank you.
i may have to try that with the straps. i hurt my wrist doing cleans and keep aggravating it when i do front squats. i find on lighter weight my chest/clavicles hold the weight without me using my hands/wrists at all, but once i get over 80% of my max it hurts my wrist.
The pic of the gal doing front squats is not a good example of how the hands grip the bar during a front squat. The hands do not "grip" the bar bur rather the bar rests on the upper part of the chest/clavicles/front delts, the bar should feel like it is almost choking you ( but not quite) and your fingers--actually the finger tips are on the bar to sort of balance/secure it in the groove. I heavily chalk the first three fingers of both hand and no more than the upper part of each digit comes in contact with the bar. I have short, thick arms and if I can use the clean grip, just about anybody ( short of an injury, etc) can do it, I have used the straps in the past but I find once I past a certain weight, it is not effective as the clean grip
Thanks for the great feedback guys, I was kinda suprised.

I agree with Keith that the straps aren't optimal and I can clearly see them not working on the big weight but I can't front squat without them. I can be seen struggling with the balance a bit with the straps but I have a self imposed weight limit on all my lifts now and I'm sure that the straps will work out.

Reading about all the great things about front squats from guys like Keith and some others that last couple of years really made me want to be able to do these because it is imperative that inorder to keep lifting that I get more with less and front squats do fit that bill. If I can at least get up to the weight I have been back squating (which is way down from what it once was but once again because of my self imposed weight limits) I will be really happy. I think that goal is 100% attainable and that would be great. The weight of the back squat with the overall bennifits of the front squat.
I wonder if a similar method would work for back squats? Anyone know? Like for those with shoulder inflexibility?
hm.. how did u get the straps to stay on the bar like that?

I put the straps on the bar just like I would put them on my wrists. Loop the end of the strap through the eye of the other end of the strap with the bar in the hole you just made.

The straps will slide on the bar a bit so I'm fortunate in that the knurling of the bar starts where I want to put the straps anyway.

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