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if chael wins?????


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Nov 1, 2009
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will people still want to see anderson move up and fight for the lhw belt?????
People don't want to see him move up and fight for the belt. The fans just want to see Jones vs. Anderson, and yes they will still want to see it.
Chael wont win, its a complete impossibility.
If Chael wins (which is a huge long shot) then I Anderson will probably decide it's a good time to move up to fight for the LHW belt.
I think the general consensus is that fans want to see him fight Jon Jones and not necessarily for the LHW belt. That being said I think it would drain some interest in Silva fighting at LHW and more in defending the MW title against Bisping or Weidman assuming they remain the top contenders.
Chael will be lucky if he gets out of the fight without a terrible injury. I think he's going to get hurt bad.
This beatdown will be brutal to watch unless Jones just decides to tap him right away.
I will have a huge smile and laugh at jones expense. Sorry, but it would be HILARIOUS If Chael wins.
Man it would be epic. Just to see the look on Jones face... It can happen but its highly unlikely...:(
I wouldn't bet any amount of money on Chael defeating Jon. But you never really know how good a guy is gonna be at a different weight class. Chael could potentially be stronger at 205 than he has looked at 185. You never know. I highly, highly fucking doubt it, but It's not impossible.
No point in even discussing it. Once Chael fails on his first take down and get's drilled, he'll go into spaz mode and Jones will submit him.

Bring on Gus.
will people still want to see anderson move up and fight for the lhw belt?????

Cheal will be a bigger fighter at 205 then at MW, I dont see Silva having a good experience with a much bigger and stronger Sonnen let alone any wrestler at LHW.

Lets say Jon Jones slips on a Banana peel in the ring and knocks himself out and sonnen surprisingly wins, it will be very hard for Silva to hold back a much larger sonnen.

Sonnen at LHW will come into the ring significantly larger and weighs as much as 225-230. I dont see Slva having an easy time in that fight.
I'd be like

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