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Jun 29, 2007
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guys who go to train somewhere else (seminar) and get a stripe given to them from another school not affiliated with your own. One of the guys who trains under my affiliation went somewhere to train and he got a stripe from another instructor. I'm not sure why this happened or what rank the instructor was that gave him the stripe, but I feel like the stripe (even though not significant in itself) should not be worn. For the record, under our affiliation even though I am a certified instructor, I cannot rank anyone b/c I'm not a BB. I don't want to make this a big deal and bring this up with my professor, but I have never exp this before. Seems shady to me.

why the fuck would you get a belt/stripe from a guy who isn't your instrcutor?
That is what has me kinda pissed. It is like a lack of loyality in my eyes, but like I said I have never exp this before.
Is this your student or something? If not I'd imagine the instructor would notice this guy is wearing an extra stripe and deal with it the way he sees fit.
Yeah, he trains at my academy. Got an email from him today and he was wondering if this was okay. I have not spoken to him in person, therefore i don't know who gave him the stripe. The funny thing is he probably id up for some stripes, but this isnt the way o go about it.
I'd make him take it off. He's the one disrespecting you.
Yeah, that is what I will do. The guy is a good grappler and a nice guy, but I don't think he did it with bad intentions.
I dont know. Your student didnt make a mistake. Another instructor did. Can you unpromote someone? That's what makes promotions so important. I dont know if you can actually undo do them once their done.

The seminar instructor overstepped his bounds. I would find him and discuss it. If he did it with your student without approval he probably does it to a lot of other peoples.

I wouldnt make someone take off something as insignificant as a stripe if he got it from a qualified person (disrespectful or not). But it seems like you will have an issue every time you see it so maybe asking the guy to remove it is the best thing for you.
just curious, how long did your friend go and train with the other instructor?

you say it was a seminar? like a couple hours?
You make a valid point, but I still think I should kill it w/o involving a higher rank. I am sure my professor will be mad, if i allow it or even worse, think I promoted him on my own.

Im assuming it was a few hours, but i wasnt even aware of him attending such an event until tonight. I have been recovering from surgery for the last two weeks, so I havent even been at my gym.
Maybe you could just explain to him, every school has different standards on which they promote. And although he was given a stripe by another instructor, He hasn't met your schools standard yet. Maybe you could mention some schools hand out stripes more often then others to people who don't deserve them yet. And how your school prides themselves on producing top jiu jitsu students instead of handing out stripes. Idk just something to let him know he can't wear the stripe since he wasn't promoted by you, but still making him feel good about himself. Other wise he might take it as your holding him back or not giving him the promotions he deserves and might leave. This is coming from a guy who trains no-gi so I hope i don't sound completely dumb.
We have people who are 1-4 stripe white belts from other clubs quite regulary come and train with us and they simply have 2 belts, one for their clubs(with stripes) and a plain one for when they are training with us.

So maybe you can tell him he can keep his stripe belt but buy a new one for your club, as he hasn't been promoted by your club yet.

Thats my 2 cents!
I have taken stripes off my belt before. It is the sensible thing to do in this scenario
I think it all depends on what belt hes putting the stripes on and if he already has two or three already. If hes some white belt then I don't think it matters too much, if he is a blue belt and has 2 stripes and was given an extra one then that wouldn't be cool. If he has a purple belt then he should perhaps take it off or put on a new belt.

Its a tricky situation in which you don't want to upsett the guy at the same time as having to report to your instructor.

Theres many factors involved so its hard to give advice over the internet, only you have all the information available (where he got his stripe from, what belt he is, what your other students will think etc) so I think you can't rely on most peoples advice here.
I would consider it disrespectful, but I have a feeling this guy just doesn't know any better. The fact that he is asking allows you the opportunity to correct it now without making it a big deal.
If I got a stripe from another instructor I would take it off right away, on that note, I might explain to my instructor that I was given a Stripe by someone else.

If you decide not to take off the stripe that he got, maybe you should wait a little longer to give him his next one.
The first step would be to ask who the stripes come from. I would get ahold of who ever ran the seminar and get some answers from them. If he received the stripe from a legit Black Belt I see no raso why you should make him take it off. It isn't like he went to a store bought some tape and put one on. You said he was probably up for a stripe too. I think your ego and pride is getting in the way. If he deserves the stripe and recieved it from a legit black belt you shouldn't do anything about it because the student earned the stripe.
at least it was only a mesley stripe and not an actual high belt like brown/black

the seminar instructor was wrong to do so-- maybe the student shud of said something

its only a stripe i guess ur instructor will know what to do