i noticed hojak said i was gone...WTF?


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Mar 7, 2002
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i NEVER left, i even gave a thank you speech late last night after being deemed pinkmother...

i guess his internet access is limited to when he can run an extension cord from his trailer to the one next door...
Originally posted by punkmother
i NEVER left

Simmer down, pinky... I never said you left, only that you hadn't posted today, since you got your pinkbelt.

Now get your mini-me ass back into the stands where the rest of the crowd is. Leave the stage to the ones who know how to run it. Same goes for you, Foodstamp.
well if you did yourself a favor and got a job, you'd get out of your rundown trailer and get internet access for yourself instead of squatting it off neighbors and realize i had posted numerous times since...
Man, I must've missed some shit last night...Punkmother with a pink belt with Money on the verge. Looks like OT is dividing into a Ghostjack vs Money kind of thing...I'll keep my geriatric trap shut...I like my new green belt.
I noticed you posted last night, fatty.... but I have not seen one single post from you today, nor had I seen you on the who's online.

It's really genuine to see you embrace your new... er... "alignment" so openly. Many people are scared of what they don't understand, but you, pinky, are a diamond in the rough. not to mention that the Pink Belt kinda makes ya look like you putt from the rough as well. all the best to you and your newfound "happiness".

yeah i guess it is kinda new to me...but you know what im going through, ass love aint nothing new to dave hojak
doggfather i will address that now...

i agree, i suck...and now that i have been branded by the pink belt i can leave like those before me...
yeah hojak, im breaking...i guess sarcasm is lost on you guys...

like im gonna worry about what a fuckslave like the doggfather says about me...hojak hes your bitch, its no surprise he suddenly takes a disliking to me...
What is with this pink belt shit? Come on kids, grow the fuck up. I can see Yellow cards and all, but the pink belt is pretty fuckin stupid, no matter who you put it on.
tiki that is sweet... i dont know what you are talking about.
and punk, it looks good on you :) (bed red guy style)
Originally posted by NewHamieWamie
tiki that is sweet... i dont know what you are talking about.


Is this in reference to my first post or second post?
maybe instead of a pink BELT it should be a pink SOCK.
The fuckin thing does irritate the retina.