I am drinking is it sill worth the running??


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Jun 10, 2005
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Listen I have drank about 15 and im drunk is it worth it to run or is it just a risk of dehydrating myself.
does drinking pose a great enough challenge to getting myself in the shape i want to be in order to fight
I too wish you had your motorcycle license so that you could take your bike for a spin right now, and drive it off a fuckin cliff... yes, drinking will effect your training, no, if you've had 15 beers the run won't really be worth anything, and I'm glad to hear you won't be getting behind the wheel of a car where you could potentially hurt innocent people. At least on a motorcycle, you'll ding the car, give those inside some whiplash, and kill yourself.
The run would be worth something, anytime you run it's worth something.
The run would be worth something, anytime you run it's worth something.

You've obviously never watched a drunk attempt running.
If you run too hard after drinking, you will dehydrate yourself and cause kidney damage right ?
Running after drinking 15 beers? WTF? That has to be the STUPIDEST thing I've ever heard. It just seems like common sense if you plan on running...don't think get drunk. Get drunk at a bar or a party when you know you'll crash out later that night.
take pain killers and go for a 30 min sprint
Congrats. Next time wait until you sober up before starting a stupid thread. Why wouldn't beer affect your running? And before you ask, yes so does weed.
Probably not a good idea to run LOL..

? I've ran after speed drinking 15 beers all the time, however I don't think I was all that drunk, you, my friend, are a different story..

You can drink (not excessively) and still get into shape. But NEVER drink when actually training for a fight.
dude, either you are going to hurt yourself via physical, external injury or your body won't handle it and you'll collapse. WORK OUT IN THE MORNING. I do it to kick the hangover.
Do walking handstands instead. If you remain upside down, the alcohol will begin retreating from your cells, thus making you sober and capable of such feats. I'd try 100 handstand sprints up and down my driveway if I were you. If you don't have a driveway, try it on your treadmill at the highest setting.