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How Much Money Does Dana White Generally Receive Per UFC Event


Nov 1, 2012
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Well the fighters who train for 3 months and then get in the cage and fight, generally get from 6000 to 200000 dollars. How much does Dana White get for sitting ringside and watching the fights.
How would any of us know that?

I mean...

He's paid in gold bricks straight from Fort Knox.
He is fight fan and does if for free.
id say youre grossly under estimating what dana does. while dana does not train for a fight he does many important things as the head of a fledging company and probably leads a very stressful life, glamorous im sure, but still very stressful
he makes $5 million a year, so divide that by the amount of ppvs per year and that is how much he makes per pay per view, if you don't want to count the free cards and everything else he does
Not as much as arianny, more than Brittney though.
To quote Joe Rogan from any weigh-in event (introducing the stage as they walk on), "Dana White - without him, none of this would be possible."

To quote legions of Sherdoggers, "STFU" TS.

I can see how you think Dana White does nothing through the course of the year, just like his last 10 years, sits cage-side, and then collects millions. No, actually, I can't because I'm not retarded.
Not sure about the break down per event, but I do know that he owns 9% of all of Zuffa. Zuffa's current net worth is estimated at 1,000,000,000 +. Dana himself has an estimated net worth of 180,000,000 - 210,000,000 and more keeps pooring in everyday.