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How much does it cost for a movie ticket where you live?


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Jul 28, 2007
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$7.50-8 matinee
$9.50-10 standard

Story time:
I don't go to the movies much. I work overnights and traditionally I just watch any movies I want to see on my laptop while I'm at work. I am determined to see the Hobbit in theaters. I went to what is considered the lower quality theater in the area. I figured because of the theater it wouldn't be so expensive. I rode up and looked at the prices. It was $9.50! They do show all movies on Sunday for $6. Credit to them for that, but HOLY SHIT that's expensive! I will be back for the matinee tomorrow. I'm not paying almost $10 to watch a damn movie.
$11.00, but $10.00 with a military discount.

Shout out to Station Casinos and the Fertitta Brothers for keeping in real.
$5.99 in Canada dollars

I think it is $7.50 on Tuesdays.

If its 3D it's $15.50 or $10.50 on Tuesdays.
$7,00 BRL ($3,50 USD).

Edit: I'm a student so I pay 50%.
$11.00, but $10.00 with a military discount.

Shout out to Station Casinos and the Fertitta Brothers for keeping in real.

Damn Speeit, didn't know you lived in Vegas. Red Rock is the shit for watching movies.

We have a dollar theater in town, when things rotate out of the main location they go there. Usually, if you are patient, you can see it pretty cheap later on.

Can range from as low as $3-20 per adult.

Fuck ya'll who live in towns and the suburbs.
$11 for the first, free for the one I sneak into afterwards.

So...about $5.50.
10.99 plus tax,comes to like 15 bones;then my large coke,popcorn with double butter(love me some movie popcorn)comes to 30 bucks or so when all is said and done,and thats if i go solo.

Rarely hit the theatres nowadays though,usually bluray everything or online etc.

$5.99 in Canada dollars

Damn Zer where you watching yer flicks? Thats cheap mate.
The new movie theater here is cheap, but I'm sure they'll jack up prices once they have been established for 3 years or so:

$7.50 standard
$5.50 matinee

The other theater is around $10 standard and $8 matinee.

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