how long to get your blue belt


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Jun 7, 2003
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just wondering how long it took most people to get their bjj blue belts. Also what do you think is the shortest time possible to get it?
The average is probably 6 months to a year.
i got mine in about 2 years, but i changed club after 1 year. so 1year at my current club u could say,
Probably longer than it would take to actually think "Hmmm. I wonder if this subject has been covered before?" Then make the next jump in logic, "I'll look back a few pages and see if anyone has ever asked this question before. Chances are someone has!"
b0b said:
The average is probably 6 months to a year.

that is seriously mcdojo varning, sure some people are talented but under a year is seriously not average,
i got mine in a year.... and if you get it in 6 months, you must be some prodigy
Based on what I see in my gym and on the boards something like 9-18 months is normal for somebody that attends class regularly. If somebody got theirs in 6 months that would tell me that they either train 5 days a week, they are a natural, or they have a background in a similar sport.

We have one guy in my gym that had three of those. After a year or so Royce jumped him from white straight to 4 stripe blue. He's might be ready to be purple now but I'm not really qualified to tell. At 7 months in I'm a 2 stripe white belt. That seems to be a normal amount of progress. Not too good, not too bad. :)
I don't know, that is why I clicked on this thread to see what you guys thought. I never trained at an acredited school, just in a college club working under a groups of blue belts and judo green belts and D1 wrestlers. I did that for three years until this year when I ahve been doing judo 3 to 4 times per week. I will look for a bjj or sub grappling school when I get back to the US and if it is bjj, I think I ahve a good chance at getting to blue faster than average because of my experience.
I got my blue after 8-9 months. Then competed in GQ won 4th no-gi, followed by a local comp where I took 1st for gi and 1st for no-gi.

I have never played any other sport in my life or wrestled in HS or college. I sucked at baseball, basketball, football, and probabaly hockey too. And any other sport that required hand eye coordination. I didn't join wrestling in HS because I thought it was just a bunch of homos looking for an excuse to touch each other's asses. I guess I was wrong.
All these mentioning of time period-wise is meaningless without any mention of times per wk and duration each time
thecas said:
All these mentioning of time period-wise is meaningless without any mention of times per wk and duration each time

sorry, 2x per week at 2 hours each time
i going for mine in november or december and that is going to be 1 year and 4 months
1 & a half,
I don't think it should just be given based on who you can tap.
Took me nine months to get it from Royce Gracie. I had been training 4 times a week.
I got my blue belt in 10 months, training twice a week. I was 16 years old too, so I was the youngest blue belt ever that my coach gave.