How do you work?



Do you guys go in to a grappling comp with a certain sub you want to try to get? Or do you work with what the other guy gives you? Watching UFC 54 made me think about this, because it seemed Randy really wanted to use the Anaconda choke.
Of course you want to give and take. You want the other guy to give you something, and whatever he gives, you take. That's what BJJ and Submission wrestling is all about. It should all come naturally to you, and if you're only going for a specific submission all the time, it's not going to benefit you. Most people have specific techniques they're particularly good at, and in certain positions that's what they most likely will go for, but if one doesn't work you should transition over to something else and not keep wasting time and energy working on it. It's all about flowing smoothly like water, changing shape and moving into any space your opponent opens up. When one door closes another one always opens. You have to keep your eyes open.

I do think that what you said is good to do in sparring and training to help develop technique, but in an actual competition or fight it could mean the difference between winning and losing.
well i have sorta a tournament formula i use as far as subs and passes go but i use whats available depending on what the opponent does and usually once in every tourney i'll try some "spectacular" move ... and i tend to use a different arsenal based on my opponents style as well mainly based on whether the guy is really agressive or not or if they're a really good wrestler

randy obviously noticed some flaw that allowed this move from watching the guys tapes and likely worked on it a 1000 times
you take what they give you but obvious most fighters have a couple of favourite subs that are always trying to use.
i get a plan based on what i think is the opponents weak and strong points, but i adapt when needed
I find its best to have some good things to work on and some transitions already in mind based on his reactions, but you HAVE to be adaptable and go with what he gives you.

You can't be trying to force one thing too much, nor should you let him dictate what happens because you will fall into traps that way and allow him too much leeway to do his thing.
I'll try to arm-drag and take the back.. If they are defending this well, I'll pull guard and try sweep to get side control and work from there. I rarely ever look to mount, more knee-ride/side control or north south. I have higher percentage with subs from there.
When I roll, I will go for whatever I see but if he defends it well, chances are there is something that you can work with from his defense. I just try to go with whatever he gives me.
I think Randy really wanted that Anaconda because he doesn't have many subs that he's skilled at (performing not defending), and that the Anaconda setup is the front headlock that he has trained with extensively as a wrestler. It lets him make the least departure for good wrestling (compared to say an arm bar). It also let him "rest" without the danger of a reversal and/or scramble.
A combo of either .... I try and work my plan but if something better comes along like taking the back and then sinking the RNC then I adjust and go with what was given to me . This works pretty well for me .