How do you compare program based gyms? IE crossfit gyms

Discussion in 'Strength & Conditioning Discussion' started by yocan, Oct 25, 2010.

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    I think crossfit is the god send to people that don't want to get big just in shape and don't want to devote anny time to research or anything of the sort.

    Is it for me? heck no. I care how good of shape I'm in.

    For many girls that their goal isn't to be strong but healthy in a short duration of time, some of the gyms can be a good system.

    WIth that in mind, A friend of mine with huge tits is starting to have back pain from being out of shape and big tits. So I suggested crossfit, a lot of compound movements to make her healthier. She has 8 crossfit gyms within 7 miles of her. I figure not all of them are equal I've walked into 4 in Detroit area and some seemed intelligent and some downright pitiful. So what can I tell her to look for to find a good one? I know most aren't hence why I'm asking.

    The girl did a serious program a decade ago, I guarantee you she has no interest in doing anything more than a show up and follow what someone else wrote thing. So I would like it to be a good thing someone intelligent wrote up.

    If anyone knows anything she is in San Marcus Tx for the next 8 months.
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    first off have her talk to the owner/operator of the place. see if they do any kind of instructional for the lifts, ask if you can sit in and observe one or two. If they say yes, do that and go youtube one of Ripptoe's or someone comparable instructional and see how they compare. If they don't come close to doing it how Ripptoe does avoid it. If they say no, then I'd probably avoid it. It is bad enough they do Olympic style lifts for high repetitions, add to that people doing the lifts with bad form from rep one and you have a recipe for disaster.

    The one problem is most crossfits are very expensive down here in South Florida they charge about $200 a month.

    Has she considered finding a good coach to instruct her on some basic compound lifts like squats and deadlifts? I think a good round of squats and deadlifts will help with that back problem, from there if she is interested she can just go to the crossfit, sealfit, or rosstraining and get plenty of work out of the day type stuff for interval conditioning.

    Don't be fooled, of all the complaints about crossfit it isn't something you just "show up and follow what someone else wrote" She will have to exert herself and be self motivated since most of their workouts are based on performing them in increasing faster times. Again, many of which are high repetition Olympic lifts. The women that are serious crossfitters are no joke.
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    Aren't some things are worth a little back pain?

    Don't fuck with a good thing here, yocan...
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