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How can I get stronger hips?

I could do it to my 160 lbs friend, but my 230 lbs roid friend was difficult(I'm 6'4 235 atm)
You seriously haven't learned yet?

The best way to get better at bjj is by doing bjj
The best way to get better at bjj is by doing bjj

I thought it was by doing sandbag carries in the rain uphill through 30000 flights of snow in the rain wile sledgehammering midgets in tires taht you are flipping up the aforementioned stair-hill.
I've recently started doing zercher squats and im really feeling it in the hips.
Most olympic motions are great for developing explosive hip strength.

That said, BJJ is rarely about brute force, I have a feeling that perfecting things like body positioning and leverages through lots and lots of technique practice will yield a better result. I'd bet a little guy like Leo Viera could sweep your "roid friend", and it's not because he has stronger hips than you.
Work on balance and shifting weight? Any exercises(freeweight or weighted) that I can do?

Fuck bigger women. Much bigger women. Standing, if possible, holding them up by the ass. Hook their legs over your elbows.