How are ppl so high on diaz and so low on overeem?

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Nov 10, 2011
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Like the title says, they have similar careers both lost on a lower division both only have 2 top 20 wins (Daley Penn, Lesnar Werdum at least reems wins are against top 5 ranked opponents daley and penn are not top 10 wins) in recent times and yet ppl support diaz and sh*t on overeem.
Overeem is a lot more deserving of a title shot then Diaz that's for sure.
Good description of being "high" on Diaz

overeem is a refined gentleman who treats everyone with respect. people hate on him cause he's actually really good, and looks like he was genetically modified to fuck your girlfriend.

diaz and his thug persona appeal to the 16 year old "just bleed" crowd.
Why is this comparison relevant?
I find it more amusing that people love diaz but hate on bisping for not having one punch knock out power.
As a very simple minded person i kind of prefer weed smoking Vegans to people who dig the taste of horse meat.
Overeem actually has more top 20 wins than that.

Reem's top 10 wins:
Vitor Belfort(LHW)
Igor Vovchanchyn(LHW)
Sergei Kharitonov(HW)
Vitor Belfort(LHW)
Fabricio Werdum(HW)
Brock Lesnar(HW)

I think Brett Rogers was also top 10, but I'm not quite sure.

Dont know about rogers ranking if he was top 10 then 3 but i was talking about recent wins.
overeem has never been found with elevated thc for marijuana neither has missed a press conference.

I was gonna go on a rant about how I live in California, and as such Marijuana is seen to be as much of a drug as alcohol, anti-depressents...i.e. that comparing a guy getting high 10 days out of a fight to a guy with 14/1 ET ratio is fucking loony.

Then I noticed that your from Portugal, a nation that has successfully legalized narcotics with positive results, read your post again...and simply concluded you're an idiot.
pee pee el differ because they are completely different fighters :icon_neut
A lot of people hate on Overeem because of the whole juicing allegations thing and he can be seen as being a bit smug. People love Diaz because he brings it every time, is exciting and has an interesting character.

What you need to remember though is that there is an equally as large amount of people who hate on Diaz.

Personally though, I love both.

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