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Feb 20, 2008
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I want to put together a contraption that will allow me to do pullups/chinups in my garage. I would appreciate information from individuals who have experience on affordable yet effective ways on building such a device.

Of course, I am attempting to avoid buying something pre-fabricated to reduce cost. The best option might be to just 'buy it'. I can accept that, but would like to consider alternatives.

I almost 6' 5". So hanging from a doorway will not suffice. My knees either touch, or almost touch the ground with most home gym things I try. I find that I spend much of my energy trying to keep from touching the ground and F'ing up my flow on such objects.

I really don't even feel like the pre-fabbed ones are overly expensive... but anyways if you have any experience with welding you can actually make a pullup stand pretty cheap... but not sure if you know how to weld or have the materials...
Take some threaded 1.5" pipe with some elbows and secure it to studs in the ceiling.
or some pvc pipe and drill some holes at the end tie rope to the ends and rig it to some rafters or whatever.
I'll see if my attic can support a rope and pvc pipe. You think pvc pipe is durable for 200+ lbs?

I got some carpentry background, not welding. Should probably just build a base with two stands and lay a ****l pipe in between to hang from. I don't know.

The home gym devices are always too short for me it seems. I know they aren't that expensive, but I prefer to allow my legs to hang rather than fight to keep them off the ground. Maybe I should consider keeping my knees off the ground an extra 'compound lift'.

I am really trying to improve my abilities in this area. It just sucks to have my knees on the ground. I am sure most men would agree.
Is your attic access from the garage? If so, you may be able to place a 2x4 or similar across the opening. There'll be joists that can support your weight easily.
you could just use attach two flanges to your ceiling using some lag bolts into the rafters/trusses and screw in a steel pipe assembly with a length of 3/4" ID steel pipe with an elbow and two smaller lengths (3-6") something like this (pretend the periods don't exist

I know you want to make one, but I just bought a chin/dip apparatus made by Flex for $15 on craigs list. Its sturdy, and light enough to be mobile. It looks like this: (not me got it off of photobucket)

As I was saying... you can get a pre-fabbed one for very cheap... just shop around a little unless you are dead set on making one...
I used a standard barbell layed across the attic access in my garage for about a year as a pullup/ chinup bar. Works well for towel pulls/chins too at 230 lbs.
If you own a home or live in someone's house that will allow it, I'd anchor a copule 12 foot 4x4's in the ground with concrete, drill a hole at the top of each and run a bar through it.

If you sink the 4x4's 3 feet, you should have plenty of height left on the bar.

It would look similar to this.
go to a play ground. The easiest thing to do would be to just tie some rope or straps to a ceiling joist. You don't even need a bar. You could even just use a towel. This way you will work your grip strength as well.