Hole in my hand


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Mar 7, 2006
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I spent yesterday afternoon prying a rock out of my palm which has now become a big hole. The wound looks very bad, but it is not anything serious. I have had callouses tear off, but this is much different and worse. Today is pull day in my split. Would you suck it up and try to tough it out or am I not a total pussy if I decide to do something else instead? Any words of encouragement or ridicule appreciated.

P.S. I did it skateboarding. Yes, I am almost 26 and still skateboard.
Only you can make that decision.

You have to know your body, and your limits.

My biggest concern with a wound like that would be infection.
Don't risk infection or a longer recovery time.

i tore a small hole in my palm at gymnastics. like a dumbass, instead of stopping and properly treating it, i threw some chalk in the wound (to dry it up...), duct taped it, then pulled a wristband over it. Lucky for me, my sister is a doctor, and she gave me a prescription for this special cream that, over a couple of days, actually shrank the hole considerably. It was some form of silver, I remember that much, and it was a paste. I'm sure if your injury is the same as mine was, you could pick some of that silver medicine up from your doc and be good to go in a week to 10 days. Mine took about 8 days to close up, but the layer of skin over it was really thin. You can't see it too well in that pic, but that hole was deep. I could have stacked 2 dimes in there.
Well the consensus so far is about 50/50 on that I need to take it easy or that I'm a big pussy. I used to get these all the time from skateboarding. I just keep them clean and eventually it goes away. Mine looks much different then the one posted by Iron Braveheart. The palm is somewhat bruised and there are minor scrapes all around it. Mine looks sort of "jagged" if that makes sense.

As far as pics, I am at work and I don't even have a digital camera. Just imagine running or doing something going at a decent speed and then falling onto your hands when the ground is somewhat dirty or on chunky asphalt. The result is what my hand looks like.

I'll probably lift with gloves tonight. The big question is, "Why do I have weightlifting gloves?"
tape it up and use polysporon(sp?) but a gym is generaly gross and you could get staph and then have a much bigger hole.
I lift at home.

then i think if you can suck it up youll be fine, i put a nail through my hand a few years ago, through the meat in between the thumb and index.

If your gunna do it, take a few mins to clean your equipment to help avoid infection.
Since staph probably isn't an issue, I'd say go ahead and try your pull workout and see how it fares during the warm-up sets. You might want to start the workout with a couple of bar-only sets of all the exercises you have planned, to see if some of them aggravate the wound less than others.

If it hurts a lot or starts bleeding, I'd stop -- no sense making the wound worse and prolonging its existence.

If it just aches or compromises your grip, do lighter weight/higher reps. Or squat.
As someone who is licensed in professional first aid, my advice is to let that thing heal up and just do squats in the meantime. I would think that really any grippin', even with gloves, is gonna aggravate it, possibly makin' it wider. If you insist on doin' your pullin', get some gauze and neosporin/other antibiotic ointment on it and wrap it good before you put your gloves on. You should do the first part of that anyways.
I know how to cauterize hand wounds...
No one is going to comment on my post? I was particularly proud of that one.
No one is going to comment on my post? I was particularly proud of that one.

What Would Jared Do? He'd eat a meatless subway sandwich and fuck the sleeve of his favorite jacket.