Hindu Exercise Routine DVD


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May 16, 2005
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I think the hindu exercise routine has been mostly associated with matt furey's combat conditioning and his adherence to an exclusive bodyweight exercise routine. When the hindu routines are looked at closely, they reveal a balance of weigthed and non weighted routines including bodyweight exercises. This creates the appropriate synergy for the wrestling. I found the balance to be more in tune with what I believe is a better routine for grapplers.

Its also the new DVD steers clear of any propaganda or false claims and lays down the material as clearly as possible by investigating how the routines work and zeroing in on one wrestlers routine in particular. I was impressed with the speed, power and flow of the wrestlers and definitely opened my eyes beyond what has been written about generally in the west. The dvd was shot totally in India and is worth a look.


theres a quicktime on there that serves as a preview
i own this dvd and it's worth every penny. matt furey's demonstration was sloppy in comparison to how the exercoses should be applied to wrestling. fony's workout was amazing. this video will open you eyes on how grapplers should be training.
I regularly do the hindu exercises, I think I might buy the DVD.