Hey Asses. I'; Drunk


Bruce Lovely

Fucking Bruce Lovely has put in too many 14 hour days at work so he stole his dad's wine.

I'm toasted and I haven't killed a single bottle. mey tolereence is down hardtime man.

Hey, how about the hickoson gracie guy. What a fucking guy he is hih? What wood happen if he foht that jos sun guy you whore"

I have feces in my hand.

You mean you're drunk.... meaning you were SOBER AS A JUDGE the other times you posted??????:eek: :eek: :eek:

- The Jake
Hey man. You don't tell me my things I tell it to me

so you just stick it where there don't shine and I'll take care of the rest
Your typing is quite high quality.

Keep drinking and posting so I get a good laugh. :)
you wont tell police huh?

Thats my joke. But what you want to know is that s

The word feces is a good one. i Pronounce it "FEHKESSE"
HA I found a strap wrecnh today with Billy Mays face on it, and I told my mom that I need it's pictures of Billy Mays; SHE SAID NO! I fuckingpulled her hair to teach her a thing or two about telling me no
check this outl I got sun burned today real bad on my head, and I hit my head on the fucking wooden baseboard now my head has that blister wet feel to itl.
why isnot anyone here anyway? I wanted oeple and I tried, but you guys just woyuldn[ so fuck you.
That reminds me Bruce... don't report posts to me as being offensive just because your drunk.

Nobody loves you.

Now go home.

- The Jake
well turd aparently we son't see so eye to eye on my post,but you be warned. it will be gone and so will I.
bruce...this is your worst thread ever....bring on the white trash stories about the incest and spousal abuse that runs rampant in your family
Att. Mr. Lovely,
My cat's in heat any takers? He would love to show you the meaning of the word Beastiality!:D