Help deciding on some shorts


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Mar 4, 2007
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Ok here is the issue. Typically I train straight Muay Thai and thus wear Muay thai shorts, but I'd like to get a pair of MMA shorts just to mix things up. I currently do own 1 pair of MMA shorts, which are a pair of plain looking tapout shorts(green with a brown stripe at the bottom of 1 leg) that I got on clearance for like 20-25 bucks. So what are the best MMA shorts for kicking, but are still decent for grappling? Only thing I won't buy are Fairtex MMA shorts because thats the brand of my gloves and that's just a little too much matching for me to be comfortable with.
If you want some cheap ones, get cagewalk shorts. If you want to spend a bit more, get sprawls.
The money really isn't such a big deal so has anyone tried out the new Sprawl shorts yet?
The money really isn't such a big deal so has anyone tried out the new Sprawl shorts yet?

Everyone I've heard from that has tried them think they're great. I've only got the originals and the Flexfighter XTs. The originals weren't that good because of the small waist and the fact that they didn't expand but since then Sprawl has been putting out nothing but top notch stuff IMO. I can't wait to get a pair of the G-Flex when I have the cash.
the new g-flexs are the best shorts ever imo, even without the grip panels....and honestly you dont even notice the grip panels unless ur doin an omoplata or somethin like that
sounds like I need to pick me up a pair of these.
Depends on what you wanna look at. Warrior wear makes nice shorts but they're more out there design whise. I personaly love my forty thieves and nogis. Both very low key. If you were looking for something you know you'll like, get sprawls. If you're willing to make a choice, get ones you like to look at too..
You can't get much more low key than the g-flex Sprawls in plain black. The Nogi shorts are very cool looking though. If you want shorts you can train in and wear as shorts on the street Nogis kick the crap out of Sprawls.
Ok, everyone talked me into it too. I just ordered a pair of the black/yellow g-flex sprawls. Hopefully they are nice as everyone says.
My newest pair of shorts are bfw's and they are the best pair I've ever worn

I also own a pair of venum's, while they look good they seem to be a bit short and are overpriced, my mmagear shorts are good and have held up for over a year but were also a bit overpriced. All in all the BFW's are the most comfortable, functional, best looking pair of shorts I've owned. I'm going to do a review on them soon.
I'm gonna vouch for Koral, i love their shorts, i have 4 pairs of them.
I like my SPRAWLs at the moment, for the point that my weight fluctuates on my diet/training. So my clinch gears never fit.

When the new clinch gears come out with adjustable waiste, we'll see. I like the lightweight of the CG's

I'm a bit biased but I happen to think Stand Alone has some pretty good shorts. They're expensive but well worth the dough. Excellent quality gear.
I love my Clinch Gears. They are my favorite as long as my weight stays about the same, which fortunately, most of the time it does.