help a caucazoid out


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Aug 14, 2006
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whats up guys.. just got a few questions so if anyone can help, i'd appreciate it..

when i was a teenager i used to lift a religiously.. but then after high school, i completely fell off.. basically just got caught up in all the post-graduation bullshit and drama, etc etc.. went up to a pack a day in cigarettes, started drinking a lot more, eating extremely unhealthy. girl know the regular bullshit.. lately i've been wanting to get back in the game but i've been gone so long, i don't even know where to begin.

i'm 6'0 235 pounds and in my early 20's.

what is a basic way to start back lifting and building up my strength and just overall being healthier..where should i begin? how should i pace myself? what are some good ways to build power? i need all the tips i can get to be honest with you. because right now i feel like a big lump of cookie dough. im not looking to lose weight, i'm looking to build more muscle.

thanks in advance.
Read the FAQ and start with the 5x5 or other routine from there.

caucazoid, thats a word you don't see here every day.
FAQ it up homeslice. There are programs in there which work. If you have any other questions just ask.
Since you are more or less in the same boat I was when i started coming to this forum, I'll suggest...
Reading the FAQ. Seriously. Lots of good stuff there. Also, check out DEVILsSON, fat_wilhelm, and my training log for some ideas once you get passed the FAQ suggested 5x5/ WSFSB routines.
Good luck, man.
Replace all your processed foods with meat, fruit, and vegetables.