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May 7, 2005
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I know i am lazy but is there some sort of spool or wind up thing for storing handwraps i got these things all over my room and its just a pain cause they always unwind or get caught on things i was wondering if there is some sort of gadget to store these quickly like when i get done at the gym or whatever
yeh, you can store them in your training bag. rofl.



yea but they get all knoted up and stuck on crap i was just thinking if there is some sort of roll thing for em or whatever its the new year trying to become organized you know haha
hmm well i never had that problem, i have a small little pocket on my bag where i'd put my handwraps. so they were always out of the way :)

You might get a spool that used to have fishing line on it and wrap them on it.
We sale a wall mounted spool with a hand crank for rolling up hand wraps. I guess I'll add it to the site today under the MMA section. I mostly sale these to gyms and schools.

that's not a bad idea SSF. god, theres stuff for everything now adays.

put em in a ziplock bag when done. you could even put a rubberband in the bag to put around them after you wrap them up.
I just unroll them off of my hands when I am done with whatever training I am doing. The velcro doesn't keep the roll closed (obviously) because it's in the center of the roll, but I use the thumb loop to to keep the roll together by squeezing the rolled wrap through the thumb loop.
WOW, there really is a gadget for everything these days.
ill just roll them on my fingers and then felcro them at the top, if you roll them tight enough you dont have to worry about them comming loose and getting tangled up.
I cannot belive that have one of those on the market.
Are you serious? Rolls your handwraps with a gadget? Man....
stop being lazy and roll them up-your a fighter- fighters dont need fancy gadgets to roll their wraps.
dboy420 said:
stop being lazy and roll them up-your a fighter- fighters dont need fancy gadgets to roll their wraps.

The way i look at it if i spend less time getting ready cleaning up i can spend more time training
We mainly sell these to schools that have a big thai or cardio class. They end up with 20-50 pairs after each class, it saves a sh!tload of time for them.