Guillard wants to kill Varner

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Sep 10, 2012
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anyone else think that Guillard looked quite upset for the delay in their meeting? May not be a good idea to take it so personally and get you angry. What do youll think?
Yeah, I was going to say. Varner knows subs. This typically signals a bad night for Guillard.
Hope Guillard gets the win. Exciting fighter
Varner as well. I think the Guillard will do as he usually does and get too wild, get his back taken and thereafter...submitted.
Varner hopefully subs him.

Whenever Melvin goes around thinking he is hot stuff he gets embarrassed. See lauzon and miller.
hope the UFC vet wins. Tired of the WEC guys winning
I find it difficult to like Guillard because he's so moody. One minute he's pissed off at everything, the next he's calm and mature, the next he's an arrogant dickweed, etc.

He's like a woman, you can never be sure how he'll react from one moment to the next.
I have read all the interviews etc..if anyone should be mad it should be varner.Guillard looked hopped up on something hopefully he doesnt fail for coke again
Funny how you can tell how badly Guillard's going to lose by how dumb he acts before the fight.
melvin is a great fighter , but i think he looked silly tryin to get all smack talk with varner while wearing captain america socks.
so melvin shouldn't be mad that jamie accused him of greasing? To my knowledge that hasn't been a issue with guillard at all in the ufc..
Not a Varner fan at all but I hope he wins Melvin acted like an idiot