GSP first southpaw. Will it make a difference???


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Nov 19, 2012
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Georgie has never fought a southpaw before, so we dont know how good his game is against him

But it makes his jab less efective for starters

And he wont be able to leg kick him into the canvas exactly like Benson did, since his rear and most powerful kick lands on the inside instead of the outside

Just check manhoef fight with robbie lawler where he kicked the crap out of his leg from the inside but he never falls down like Nate

Now im talking about the standup only, altho it may also favor the single leg over a double

Anyways, WAR Diaz!!!!!
GSP is always prepared, it will not make a difference.
I said it before in an other thread that got moved.
GSP will likely shoot for a single leg against Diaz since this takedown is easier to get against a southpaw, but I have a feeling that Diaz will use his kimura trap if GSP gets a hold of him.
We've seen him use this move effective against Diego Sanchez and Sean Sherk where he reversed both fighters.
GSP is going to do the same thing Bendo did to nate. Nick Diaz is an overrated fighter.
Wasn't Trigg generally a southpaw?

Not that I honestly think it will matter much, though.
Nick has never beaten an elite welterweight

this should be an easy fight regardless of stance
GSP would know how to fight southpaws and I can guarantee he'll bring in a bunch of them to train with. He is the most diligent and calculated athlete in MMA. Always brings in the best guys to prepare with.
An interesting point, in particular regarding the jab. However GSP/Jackson are the highest level game planners in MMA so I'm sure they will be prepared for it. Still, interesting point TS
The only mystery will be what excuses and BS will you hear from Caesar and Nick after Nick looses badly in the decision.
Nick has never beaten an elite welterweight

this should be an easy fight regardless of stance

I agree! I like Nick, but I just dont think he's top level 3. If he couldnt hurt Condit or convincingly outstrike him, I dont think he will GSP. In regards to stance, maybe tougher for GSP, but in regard to ground game. It doesnt matter how he stands, the double leg is coming and wont make a differnce.
Yes history does say Diaz will lose via UD but history also shows us that Diaz has only improved as a more complete fighter from 7 years ago when those wrestlefuck fights took place. Let's also not forget that the Diego fight, the Karo fight, the Riggs fight, and the Sherk fight were all incredibly close and controversial with opinion basically split 50/50.

I think Nick will surprise some people with his ground game.

I'm more interested in what GSP will do standing. He was a beast and I was a huge fan of his early on but he took his foot off the gas pedal. If GSP comes in this fight like 2006/2007 GSP, I won't rule Diaz out but he'll need to be perfect to beat GSP.