Greg Jackson and his "own" Jiu Jitsu?


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May 21, 2008
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I respect Greg more than any other trainer in the game right now, but what exactly is his style of jiu jitsu? I forget what it is called. Did he just give it his own name for fun? Or is there a major contrast in his style with regular established jiu jitsu?
Where did he learn jiu jitsu. though? He must have gotten it from a BJJ guy somewhere.
its gi less if i recall correctly, more like sub grappling than real bjj
its gaidojitsu, and thats why when Diego left Jackson's he became a white belt...though not for long
Greg Jackson, a Washington, D.C. native, grew up in a family of wrestlers.Due to the rough neighborhood in which he was brought up, Jackson began training in martial arts at a young age.After several years, Jackson, seeking more out of his training, found a way to combine basic judo locks with his wrestling to create his own unique style of martial arts and self-defense which he called Gaidojutsu.

Jackson continued to develop new techniques after watching the first UFC and began training kickboxing under five-time kickboxing champion Michael Winkeljohn, creating a more complete training regimen

from wikipedia
He originally called his style "scientific street fighting" or something like that. And then renamed it Gaidojutsu because it sound cooler. Basically no gi jiu jitsu, mixing in judo, and wresting.
Why did he name his art gaydojutsu. He must of known that people would take the piss.

If a friend asks what new martial art you are doing, what are you going to say back to him and be taken seriously.
hey with his guys beating the shit out of everyone, u better be taking it seriously
the bjj purists are always gonna hate on anything other than bjj...
Anyone else think greg jackson has a resemblance to yellow bastard from sin city? He is a real nice guy but come on you know its true haha
Gaidojutsu is wrestling with judo locks, created in 1992 by Greg Jackson. Afterwards, he upgraded it by adding kickboxing. After UFC 1, he noticed efficiency of bjj and reality of fighting in mma. He studied both mma and bjj and added it into Gaidojutsu. He taught his Gaidojutsu as self defense system although his students kept going to mma events. Jackson taught common people and law enforcement officials until 2000 when he turned his academy into MMA school.
hey with his guys beating the shit out of everyone, u better be taking it seriously

Jackson's guys aren't really expert groundfighters because of his style. His guys who are good groundfighters(GSP,Nate Marquadt,etc..) learned it elsewhere. Jackson's forte is stand up and planning,imo.
^your an idiot bro

O rly? Name me a dude at Jackson's who is an awesome groundfighter and only trains Gaidojitsu. GSP trains wrestling and is a Gracie Barra BJJ blackbelt. Marquadt is a BJJ Blackbelt. Rashad Evans was an award winnning college wrestler. Cerrone maybe? I don't know his grappling background.
If thats all it takes to start your own style, (and it pretty much is when you look at the history of many other styles) I should start my own lol.

The problem is though, Id like to know what in the hell im doing first.