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Jan 16, 2005
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Hey there everybody,

I did a search around here and couldn't really find anything so I figured I'd post and see what happens.

Does anybody know if they still run the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu cruise each year? I looked on the gracie academy page but the last thing they had on it was from 2005.

Does anybody know where I can get some information about it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
I think my instructor got his blue belt on one of those like 10 years ago.
I did a little survey about this maybe 6 months ago and considering the sports we are involved in the answers came away a little homophobic.

Things like " I dont want to be on a boat with 500 guys" etc...

Needless to say rolling around on the ground sweaty with just one guy is ok...LOL...

Just kidding fellas.

Anyways this is a pretty cost effective way to get a vacation in with your girl and still gets some sub grappling, mma or jits in.

I contacted a high ranking BJJ player about the possibility and he seemed game but i was discouraged after the responses here.

If we can get some interest I am sure there is no problem in getting this going and I can help with this!

Let me know.
I went on a Gracie cruise back in Summer of 2003. I was a bit dissapointed. There wasn't much real training to going on. The participants were mainly white belts and a few blue belts from the Torrence Academy. I found the students very clickish. I'm from an east coast Machado school and had a hard time getting training partners while there. I got passed around a few times, because people wanted to train with someone from Torrence which is quite different from my academy as when new people from other styles or schools come to class people tend to want to see what they are about. One hugely muscular blue belt I partnered with complained that my lapel choke tugged too much on his skin.

There were positives though. Renner helped me drill a guard pass and it became like instinct. Kyra Gracie helped a John Machado white belt and I with a sidemount escape. Rorion and Helio helped me with my lapel grips and turned my lapel choke into a formidable technique. There was a blue belt from Torrence that helped me with a footlock Renner demonstrated. There was a woman with an English (I think) accent that partnered with me who was very cool. I partnered with an older, tall chubby investment banker with such a zest for jiu-jitsu it was infectious.
lol a cruise?? They actually had a cruise for this thing?
On the high seas grappling with Kyra Gracie? Yeah that would suck.
lol a cruise?? They actually had a cruise for this thing?

They sure do.

But here is the value:
The value is NOT to go spend X amount of dollars for some seminars. You could do MUCH better just waiting for some talent to come to a nearby city.

The value is IF you were planning a vacation or cruise then you would pay pretty much what it costs to cruise but at the same time you could get in a couple of hours training during the cruise.

Another benefit to cruising witha group is possible discount rates on the cruise, free amenities on the cruise(like room credits etc..) and depending on the time of year a complimentary cocktail reception (for those 21 yrs old an up)...

Anyway I went off on a tangent, it is basically a good way to still do your Jits while on vacation and your gal not complain to you about it!

Again, people. Stop calling it "jits."
The cruise I went on was hosted on Carnival. The Gracies rolled out a mat on the uppermost deck between a jogging track. After the lesson was finished, they rolled up the mat and there was no more grappling. I think the lessons usually lasted about an hour and a half. The lessons were mostly very basic techniques and drills. Rorion likes to mock the open guard for some reason. We only spared on the final day.
lol looking for their cruise photos I found these just to post a few from their website






we should have a sherdog cruise
The second photo from the bottom looks like the set up they had when I went on the Gracie Cruise. The redish haired woman on the right center looks like the english accented woman I grappled and the guy in the bottom right corner with the sideburns and gotee looks like the John Machado white belt I worked with. I know Ralek was a purple belt when I was there and he's a purple in the picture. The mat is definitely the same.
Thanks for the input everybody.

So I'm guessing by the sound of this thread it's not running anymore? That sucks as it looked like it would be interesting and fun.
Also, be careful you don't sign up for a matbattle cruise. I bet they're more common than a bjj cruise.
YEAH! Soon, 40 Degrees BJJ CAMPS will post here dates for a BJJ CAMP - CRUISE. We're already working on that.
WE'RE not gonna have 500 people on board!!!!!!!!!!! Don't WORRY !!!!!!!!!:icon_chee