Gilbert Mendez vs. Eddie Avarez


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Jan 30, 2010
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Who you guys got in this one? Since both have pretty much the same style, its pretty hard to tell. Im taking Gil I guess since he has a more aggresive style and doesnt get rocked as much as Ed does.

Id take eddie he has more power and is a proven finisher gil is more of a grinder but he can out work eddie for a dec of eddie finishes him. Their styles play an advantage to eddie imo as I don't see gil being able to use his smash mouth style to out point eddie and gets koed or tapped
Also im bias toward eddie as I find him much more watch and all the gil nuthuggers kind a make me dislike him also his personality does that az well
That would be an awesome fight. Hopefully they fight each other for the title someday. I'd lean towards Alvarez because of his great tdd
Gil I think finishes him. Eddie is just too easy to hit.
I think Gil has more ways to win. I can see him mixing things up and using a lot of takedowns to grind out a decisive win. I think Eddie's a game opponent and has a good chance of catching Melendez on the way in with a power punch or knee. I still hope they fight each other for their first UFC fights.
I think Gil takes it with a TKO but you never know with return from the dead Alvarez. :icon_chee
Alvarez gets rocked every fight and Gil will take him out if that happens...

Melendez will get an immediate title shot and Alvarez should get the winner of cowboy/ pettis.
Acceptable but don't think its enough to think gil can finish alveres.

Alveres has a good chin but is far from unfinishable. He hasn't found a guy as dangerous and well round as gil since Chandler and I think gil is a step above Chandler.
I can see where your coming from soda but I this k they are on par or maybe chandler really just had a good night either way that's right trio of fights id like to see go down
El Nino fo sho on this one. Eddie gets dropped in every fight. I see Gil dropping him a few times and grinding out a decision...
Tough be rooting for eddie but i think gil takes it.
Tough to call, but has the chance to be a good fight and one a lot of fans have been wanting to see and I think Alvarez would be able to beat Melendez by decision.