Friday night drinking thread.


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Feb 5, 2002
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Ok forum fockers lets make this THE thread for the Friday night drunk fests! I was going to try to make my depression thread (with the help of Meatfist) the drinking thread but this sounds better.
Good idea killer. When I am drunk as piss later I will come on the forum. I have a feeling that tonight is going to be a very rough one...
going out in about 15 minutes. then im gonna take shot after shot of soco till i puke and pass out.

i love alcohol
Thanks Leftbench. I know there are alot of weekend drunks on here so I'm sure this thread will rock. I hope anyway. :D
Drink one fer me. Still at work til 10.
Then bouncing til 3 then beer..
It's 2 in the morning.......count me in.

Now where is focker?
Allright we got another pro onboard his name be Crippler! His time is a little fucked up living across the big pond but oh well. Welcome Crip!

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Come on guys there is no reason for this thread to die!
I've gotta go get some beer, I'll be back in a bit.
Come on Meat drop the fucking hammer!!! I can only stay up so long. I'm on C.S.T. You penis. :D
Man I am here.......kinda!......

So a old bastard like me then bro!!??
Hey Crip. Yeah I'm an old mofo. Try this on for size. I've been poking my wife since she has been 19! She will be 31 this year!!!! To top that off we get a (cool) 12 year old posting on here. Silva99 take a bow!
Yea silva99 makes me feel fucking old!!
...and he knows it :confused: ;)
Bigtoes's in. On my first beer, will post more as I get drunk. going out in about an hour. See ya in a few.
Man, most of you fockers live on the west coast. I start drinking at 5 C.S.T. which puts you guys still at work. I will adjust. I'm am a fucking pro!!!! :D
What time you got there Killer? 9:30 or so.
Lets see who drops first tonight. :D
Drops first tonight??????

Man it's 03:40am here!! :D :D :cool:
Crippler - Your ahead of the game, your on tomorrow.
When ever you pass out, that's the time to beat. :D