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Jan 2, 2008
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Well I was just wondering as I have not started training BJJ yet (I plan on doing so , soon). I have no previous grappling experience but I am pretty flexible, is this going to be an advantage in level of progression that I can do in BJJ?
This will be an excellent advantage for you. Use your flexibility when retaining guard. My goal this year is to become very flexible.
Also, I take it flexibility is one of the reasons BJ Penn got his Black belt so fast?
start bjj first, worry about getting a cross collar choke instead of this.
It certainly wont hurt.

having rubber legs wont help blood flow to the brain when your ass is getting choked out though.
Flexibility is one of the few things I have going for me. I'm not that strong or fast, but I can tumble into and out of all kinds of positions.
Not to mention it helps last longer when in submissions, apply submissions like triangles, etc.
Also, I take it flexibility is one of the reasons BJ Penn got his Black belt so fast?

Flexibility will not make you the next BJ Penn, just train. There is not point talking about how good you might be... the only thing that will make you good is natural talent and dedication to consistent training.
dont rely on your phisical atributes too much during training, work your technique.
flexibility is a DISadvantage in progression.

when you are flexible you will rely on unorthodox moves that require extreme flexibility as opposed to solid technique. sure you may catch some guys or do well as a result of flexibility, but it will not help you to learn jiu-jitsu. flexibility will help your success ratio, but not your progression. focus on the basics and you will progress much faster. flexibility is not skill, it is ability. skill is what progresses you more so than ability. IMO flexibility will hold you back. my 2
Flexibility is easy to improve, technique is the ultimate advantage.

I had/have very little flexibility but it never seemed to be a disadvantage when sparring.

That being said, I know if I want to advance within the sport and pull off more advanced and efficient moves it will be required down the line.

Focus on Technique and stretch in your spare time